Glass Art - Clocks

Glass- as a background for art work with so many shapes and sizes, with so many variations and customizations!! Really?

Till the time I started this work of glass, I was always believing we get glass colors and we do some coning on them and voila… the piece is ready (which I don’t say is not an art of glass).
Never thought glass can be used in such a variation with so many industry chemicals. This is an area which was so niche to me that when I saw the results coming out of glass pieces, I was stunned. Till date I feel not many might be doing such form of art out of glass pieces (though people do a lot of intricate work on art and I really adore their work).

The form of glass art which I present here needs the amount of dedication, designing and thinking, along with the intricacies, every single step is worth doing when you see the result. They are definitely a treat to anyone’s eyesJ.

Recently I have discovered that alcohol inks can also be used as a medium for the art work on glass pieces. My hands have already started itching to get my hands-on for it. But some things are worth waiting for, and will definitely try and put up the results of my learning. If I get lucky, and successfully complete any piece, will showcase the same here on my blog.

  •  Chocolaty time-

  • Fire and water-
    This clock was created for a sweet friend +Hasina Insaf , who trusted me at the time, when I
     had not even started creating commissioned pieces for anyone
     She gave me her requirement to use bright colors and she wanted something with glass as a 
     background. Thus, the story of this piece started and she loved the results, which boosted my
     confidence to move on in this type of artwork.

  • Curtain rings -

  •  Colorful circle-

  •  Stripes-

  • Couple Dance-

  • Sunrise-

  • Love abstraction-

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