Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Flower "Bokeh"

Hello Lovely People,

No, I haven't gone crazy, when i wrote the spelling of the bouquet as BOKEH; because, I have learnt something new and I wanted to use is as my background to create a fun card.

I have come across a challenge board: Parus card making Challenge:

So, I thought, I will enter the challenge and give it a try. The challenge theme is as follows:

So, let's start entering our card as follows:

The card is dear to me because, I learned many new things in this card. Also, since I was travelling, i didn't have my tools with me, so I created some workarounds for them and I was happy to keep going even when I wasn't having my basic supplies in hand.

For the Bokeh effect, I had created my own circle stencil and done the job. All the flowers are hand drawn , colored and cut. No stamp, stencil, die cuts are used here.

Another image of the finished card:

Thanks for looking and reading the post :)

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  1. So beautiful Disha!! Love the bokeh and how the banner bends! Thanks so much for playing Paru’s Card Making challenges


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