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Hello dear creative fellas,

How are you all doing. Its been 24 hours we have talked here! hahaha.. OK, I am not a crazy personality.

Somehow, since yesterday, I have started to love blogging more and more and it felt very nice with my last elaborated post. So, I have decided, that I will try to blog as much as I can and not go MIA for long. But that brings an additional responsibility of creating more and more to be blogged. Hopefully, I will be able to manage all together.

So, for today, I have some elegant, simple, sort of one layer (but not exactly 1 layer) card to present you guys.

I had 1 of the border dies from the Spellbinders (A2 Bracket border dies).

Since it was a border die, I wanted to use it as a border, Of course. Hahahaha.. Literally laughing on my words. Ok, coming back to the topic, I decided to pair water-coloring, card making and using the dies creatively on 1 single canvas. So, I created this:

Here, I have used one of the border dies from the set:

I decided onto a card placement as to how to pop both the die and stamping and keeping in mind, one should not overpower the other. Then, I cut the die on the Canson watercolor paper and then stamped Pinkfresh studio floral stamp onto the same die cut cardstock.

After that, I decided on my color palette to color the flowers and the background here. I took Karin markers and used skin tone,orange shades for the flowers and blue shade for the background. Coloring the background brought the card to the life (I felt so).

Then, I stamped the sentiment in between of the card using one of the : Becca Feeken die set, which also had 3 sentiments in it.

I was not able to take in progress images this time, because when I was creating, I got so engrossed, totally forgot to take some WIP pictures. That's for sure coming next time.

Hope you liked my creation. Please leave comment if you want to share any feedback. It will be really helpful.

Thanks for stopping by.


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