Watercolor - Succulent

Hello dear crafters and fellow artists,

It's been few days that I have come on the blog, because I lost my mojo and it keeps happening in between some days. I then just create or ideate more in those times, but don't post anything anywhere. It somehow helps me unwind and think on the nagging thoughts crossing my mind during that time.
Sometimes, I go on craft shopping spree, which helps me a lot to come over! HAHAHAHA.

What do you do when you lose the mojo sometimes? Would love to know your comments here please.

Today, since it's 15th of the month, I have started this collaboration #craftingwithcraftyfriend on Instagram with 2 fellow crafters, it's our color palette post day.

I felt the color palette was pretty tough for me this time, but had to create something from it. I din't want to create a card per SE, because that's not all what my page is all about. It's about ART.
Currently water coloring is always on top my head and I love it so much as well, so I decided to go for it.

This Succulent image is hand drawn and I was inspired by this you tube video: GEE MASSAM ARTS. I have used his image photo as reference and drawn it by hands.
I have used only 4 Karin Brush markers for this entire watercolor Succulent. Lastly, I created a Tan colored border for the entire image to give it a nice look.

This was the color palette I had to work on:

I am attaching here some more photos and in progress shots for you to see, how I did this full picture:

I am very very happy with the result :)

Hope you liked it too.
Thanks for stopping by :)

Much Love and regards

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  1. I loved it and I can't stop appreciating your talent! Its hand drawn? My jaw dropped!!! Amazzing work Disha. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks a bunch Ishani :) You are really amazing person. Thanks for being there and helping others in all ways :)