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Hello dear crafty fellas,

Today will be a very different kind of art post than the usual cards and home decor stuff I have been doing these days.When your favorite company come with some different and new kinda challenge, you must jump in and enjoy that ride, because it's so fun!!

Let's have fun with some Embroidery art today. I have so many memories of embroideries because my mom used to do a lot of it and she was so perfect. I had so many bed-sheets, t-shirts and my tops, which she had sewed and designed for me.

When I saw this challenge, I literally jumped with joy, because it was a chance to pick those threads and needles and start doing something in embroidery and feel my mom's art :) Also, i just didn't want to create a card this time. I wanted to create something, which I can use later as well, because I feel embroidery work should be flaunted everywhere (hahahaha) and also because it takes lot of effort to sew and embroider anything, so it's better to put that effort to make something which can be used in everyday life.

I started making a top for myself, but unfortunately, it didn't came out well and I had to take out everything and put it to trash.
Then I had to literally start over with some new idea and work. Hence, I came up with this Tote bag idea and started to design and work on it.

I have used Altenew Sketchy floral stamp here and tried to use some images multiple times, to make the design flow smoothly and also, have used some parts of the image on right most side of the bag, to give it a continuity. Also, after completing the design, I felt it looked bit empty, so I used Altenew golden sequin mix in different sizes to create flower centers and make them look bit fancy.

Here are some more pictures with closer look and other angles:

So after all the ramblings, I am linking this project to the Altenew sewing challenge:

Hope you will like this creation of mine. Would love to hear from you how you feel about it.

Thanks for stopping by!


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