A fun Summery beach card

Hello dear crafters,

How are you my dear reader/crafty friend? Hope you are doing good and are safe :)

Today, I am back again with a fun summer feeling card. Wait, what? Summer? I know it's autumn and I am still talking about summer :) But trust me, I am not crazy! There is still some sunlight coming and autumn hasn't kickstarted in full swing. So while the autumn is still knocking in on our doors, let's enjoy some last days of the beach and summer fun.

Card front:

Card Inside:

I am always in love with the no-line coloring so much, I hardly look for other inks while making cards. But, I think for this one, it would have been better to have not done the no-line coloring. I did like the end result, but it would have highlighted my coloring more if this would have been a no no-line coloring work.

To just hold those fun summer days a little bit more, I decided to create this pop-up floor card. It was a very difficult one for me somehow, because the idea was fine, but the main creation and putting together elements, it took me a whole lot of time and I still feel, there is a lot of room for improvement.

I really really bow down top those people, who create everyday and who create more of these interactive elements on their cards almost every time. It is super fun to see and work with, but they are work of super brainy people and needs lot of patience and practice.

This will be all from me today.

Thanks for being here.



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