Happy birthday: black and gold

Hello dear crafters and my fellow friends,

Hope you all are doing good and having a nice time. Today, I am here to present you this new card I created for my crafty friend. Her birthday was on 8th Sept 2020, the card has reached her today and that's why I am so excited to share it with you all now.

I like to give surprises and my art is a way to do so with my personal touch attached to my gifts. I feel it really makes people/friends/family feel special and conveys your love for them. Obviously, a gift is a gift, but I feel handmade gifts are priceless in all sense.

This time, I decided to go in totally different and bold direction by using just gold and black and create something special. I like to keep doing experiments and hopefully, I have done justice to the card.

This is my creation:

Hope you can tell me how you liked it. Should I keep doing such experiments?Is it okay to not use colors sometimes and make it totally in off-beat colors?

Would love to know your thoughts here.


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