MFT Card Design Superstar 2020 - Innovation Master Category

Hello everyone,

This is my last blog post for the day but I bet, it will hold you captivated more than my usual posts and my previous two posts for today. This is slightly more elaborate post with all the in-progress shots and more description and a quick video (If the blog post allow me to link it here). Also, it's my favorite because, I have mixed so many different techniques, interactive elements in one single creation, and a lot of drama and cuteness going on in it.

The box with lid (closed):

The box and lid (Still closed), standing upright as an easel card:

The lid open, the box standing as an easel, 1 of the element taken out:

Mechanism explanation video:

In-progress shots (Starting from the idea I thought, pictured, made rough sketch etc.). I didn't follow my sketch fully and kept on adding new elements and interactive features, as I started creating, but the sketch was the base for me to start with the idea.

About the card:
This is an easel card, with a gift box and lid on it. The lid is to cover the easel card, while keeping it on the table and also, to give it the look of a gift box. Also, initially, I was planning to create only the 3-D element base (As you can see from my initial sketch), but I kept adding to the idea, as my design moved further.
I have majorly used the sea theme, because I have used the critters from MFT otterly love you stamp set. The lid is the simple window shaker cover, to make some elements visible from inside of the box.

Inside of the card:
I have tried to make a circle card because I have tried to depict the 'O' of the Otters and hence the shape. This is 3-D paper art created using MFT waves dies, cloud dies, fishes and otters from the stamp set. Inside the inner round of O, I decided to create a small card on which 2 otters are sitting, looking at each other and is an action wobble. It is attached with magnets to the base shaker element, which hides beneath it.
It might be sounding bit complicated, but with detailed pictures, I hope you will be able to understand the above explanation.

Here comes the most important my favorite entries amongst all the MFT Card Design Superstar categories: Innovation Master:

Here are some more shots and close-ups:

This will be all from me today.
I have my fingers crossed for all of my entries and see you soon.



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