Welcome to my Abode

Hello dear friends,

How are you all? Hope everything is going good at your end. It's almost onset of autumn here, but my mind isn't ready to accept it yet!
I still want to create more summery cards, when people have already finished their Christmas creations. It hysterical on my part :)

Today, as you all might know by now, the 15th of the month and a color palette post for the crafty collaboration. I am really enjoying it these days. It helps me think out of the box,create more and most of all, get out of my comfort zone and be disciplined in this sense.

I have this weird hobby if capturing beautiful doors whenever I travel. Specially, after coming to Europe, it has become a habit. Why you must ask, I am not crazy to go and photograph people's home doors! hahah. The architecture is so beautiful and sometimes I find beautiful vintage doors, sometimes beautiful small towns and cities have colorful homes and diff stylish doors. One must look it from own eyes to enjoy those beauties. I am sure, someone reading this post must agree with me.

For now, I will just stick to the card and won't be blabbering too much here.

Yeah,I took the color palette literally!!

You can let me know how you find it.
Take care.


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