Diwali card - 2

 Hello dear crafters,

How are you all? Hope doing good?

November is a special special month for me for multiple reasons. With the festive season kicking on and so many happy moments in this month and a slightly cold cozy winter days... that all makes me feel super happy and elated.

Also, the Diwali festival!! It is my favorite favorite festival of all the festivities and I cannot tell you how excited I am always for the Diwali! It is super fun to celebrate it for 2/3 days, light diyas, pray, eat mouth watering local delicacies...... makes me feel so nostalgic of my childhood memories and what not!! It is real happiness if I can celebrate it at my home always!!

Ok, now onto today's creation, it's a simple yet elegant Diwali card, because, you can never have too many Diwali cards in hand, because you gotta give to all friends and relatives, if you are like me. It makes me feel happy looking at those smiles.

Here are the pictures:

Hope you liked the creation and I will be back tomorrow with a new one to share. I decided to create a few and kick in that Diwali vibe for next 3/4 days.

Thanks for stopping by and see you soon.

Much Love, Disha

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