Altenew get wild with washi tapes - Project 2 (Chocolate treat box)

 Hello dear crafty fellas and my amazing, beautiful readers,

How are you guys doing? Same question 2 times in one single day? I know right? Hahaha.. Actually, didn't know how to start the post, so thought to begin with some warm words first.

Instagram has swept away the love and time for writing the blog these days as it's more approachable platform and # helps you promote the posts and many more options available. But, I still love to create and write posts as it is like documenting your journey in any possible way. Sometimes, I come back and see my old posts and all of them shows my labor of love!

So, don't want to bore you so much with my words that you lose interest in this post, because it's a totally different one than usual card making posts I do. 

I have made a chocolate treat box for my lovely sister in law, who is far far away from me right now. She has recently got a new job and she loves chocolates too! That was the inspiration to create this style of box and also, because Altenew is hosting the fun Washi tape challenge this year too.

Description and project details:

The box measures 16*14 cms and is scored at 2 and 7 cms on the 16 cms side. This makes the fold of the box and helps us to make a small chocolate pocket inside the box.
The size of the pocket inside (to hold your notecard or the chocolate or any gift card) is: 13*10 cms and is scored at 1cm and 2 cms on 13 cms side and same 1 and 2cms on 10 cms side (but only on 1 side) , as we don't need to close the box. It should be open from 1 side to put the chocolate.

Once all scored and cut, time to adhere the washi tapes to decorate the inside and outside of the box. For the inside, I have used Altenew Painted fantasy wide washi tape.

For outside, I wanted to give a shiny and cheeky look. So, I have used a mix of tapes: Gold String washi tape (which is one of my most favorite washi tapes from Altenew), hand cu some flowers from the  Altenew Painted fantasy wide washi tape . Then, to give the whole project a wholesome look, I wanted to bring in some dark shade and found the Floral field washi tape. But, rather than just sticking it like a normal washi tape, I have cut it from the 2 dies from the Nesting frames die set.

The way of arrangement matters and gives the whole look an appeal (as you can already see from the front pictures). On top of one of the die cuts, I have added Altenew gold string thread ( this adds the same zig zag golden texture , as is there in the base washi tape) and then, heat embossed a sentiment "Congrats, way to go" in Rose gold embossing powder

Lastly, added some satin gold sequins and called the project done!

Some more images:

Inside look of the box and there is space to stick a personal message note on the right flap too or may be a small handmade tag.

As mentioned above, created this post for the Altenew Get wild with the Washi Tape contest:

This was a fun and different creation from my usual style and something new to learn too. Hope it is likable and appealed to you guys as well. Let me know if I should create more of such kind of projects or should I work better in any way I can.




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