Altenew: Pair-A-Flower: Watercolor Edition | Creativity Inspired Contest 2022

 Hello my dear friends,

"Smile!" ... because happy looks good on you! Isn't it true 🤗

Happy always looks good on everyone and a beautiful smile completes the whole look of your being! It makes others smile too ☺️

The smile becomes wider when I get to watercolor, participate in Altenew challenge too.

I just love participating in the Altenew monthly challenges and when the Creativity inspired challenges appear, I always plan to get going and not missing this lovely chance of being a participant. These challenges are real fun ones and I love the products and the company so much. This motivates me more to be there and  present in all challenges.

Card details and in progress images:

Watercoloring is a game of layers. I am not a watercolor Artist and there is always always a learning curve for me when it comes to watercolor, but they give best results, when you keep patience and keep going towards your vision.
Here, I have used Altenew 36 watercolor pan set for the very first time since I bought them and  brought this image to life. The Altenew smiles and hugs stamp set was the closest matching images to my garden Zinnias.  
The colors used from the Pan set are (but might not used as raw shades, meaning, I always mix and match diff colors to set the color tone I need): Coral Berry, Rubellite, Grapevine, Crimson, Forest Glades, Frayed Leaf, Bamboo, Grapevine, Jet-black.

I didn't do much splatters because I wanted this image to mimic the exact way the Inspiration image is!

Close up shots: 

And the project photo with the inspiration image from my own garden:

These are peach and salmon Zinnias and I grow them from seeds every year and they never fail my efforts. Also, their life is good because these flowers are standing tall since last 1 month. Sadly, now they will be gone soon, but they spread their beauty always and makes me smile.

By the time I was finished coloring and creating this card, they were already fading out and on the verge of dying...still they helped me capture this image side by side❣️

Some more angles, because I can't get over with these beautiful flowers:

Hope I did justice to everything, the watercolors, the beautiful florals and have tried to match it best possible way with the inspiration from my own garden.
It was fun to see both the things coming to life...the real flowers from the seeds and this watercolor art from the stamps.

Have a good day ahead.


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