MFT Coloring Virtuoso - Card Design Superstar Entry 2022

Hello dear friends,

"I am Smitten with you"

Let's start this post by directly looking at the creation first and later in the post, you can read the details about this creation. So, here is my entry for the MFT Coloring Virtuoso this year:

I am actually not a cat person, but I don't mind loving cute creatures. I have used the same stamp set in the CAS creation as well, because firstly, I don't own many stamps from MFT (Not able to shop a lot :( ) and secondly, I get overwhelmed seeing the cute critter creations from everyone, that I feel, I won't be able to justify these cute stamps ever with my creations.
But, every once in a while, I like to bring them out, specially for contests and try to overcome my fears (if you can say that!!).
MFT Coloring virtuosos is one such category of the MFT superstar contest. 

Card Description:

The stamp set I have used is the old stamp named Smitten Kitten by MFT. I have tried to depict the cold, dark night scene, where 2 little lovey dovey cats are having some fun time together. I don't know if they really do this in real life, but of course imagination leads you to places. 

I didn't want the scene to go on the whole card, so I have used the MFT Watercolor wash free form dienamics and tried to contain the scene inside it. I have used the die as a stencil (Both positive and negative pieces). The base color of my cardstock is Navy blue or royal blue and on top of it, I have build this scene. Using the negative of the die cut, I have added dark blue and black distress ink shades to bring the scene to a dark night look. I must say, the use of the colored cardstock always helps in such cases.

The old, broken wall on which the cats are sitting is from the MFT brick stencil. Also, the cat on the right side of the card is not the stamp you will see on the stamp set (Yes, I have used mirror image of the same cat on the left).  And, to make the cats look different, one of the cat has got patches (because I liked that idea for differentiating them both)/

Also, the clouds in the background are created from the rolling clouds stencil by MFT.
The hearts and sentiments are also from the same stamp set. The sentiment is white heat embossed at last.

Everything is colored using the polychromos pencils. The shades are as follows:

Hearts: Light Magenta, Crimson, Fuchsia, Purple Violet, Mauve
Wall:  Burnt Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Payne's Grey
Ears:  Cinnamon, Medium Flesh, Dark Pink
Eyes:  Green shades of polychromos (I forgot exact shades)
Cat bodies:   All the shades in cold and warm greys (from VI to II)

This was my rough sketch before I even started creating anything actually. Since it is a superstar contest, I didn't want to take any chances of ruining the piece, because I didn't had much time to work on the creation.

That's all for this post. Lots of love and have a great week ahead.

Take care, 


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  1. Your bricks look SO realistic! They are so pretty! This is such a cool card!